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The Leonardo Academy organizes special groups programs for study tours and school trips. It is open all year round and provides schedules and budgets tailored to the needs and demands of the various groups. Programs usually last one to two weeks and the most frequently made normally include a course in the morning and some activities in the afternoon. Courses can be attended by beginners and can be held in Italian, Spanish or English (the group must choose only one language to be communicated at the time of registration). 

Courses that can be attended in the morning
- Art Courses (Painting, Drawing, Sculpture ecc. see the list of Applied Arts section COURSES): total 15 lessons, 3 lessons a day for 5 days. Particularly requested are laboratory practice on painting techniques of the Florentine Renaissance (egg tempera, gold leaf, fresco).
- Italian Language Course: total 20 lessons, 4 lessons a  day for 5 days.
- History of Art Course: total 15 lessons, 3 lessons a day for 5 days. The course is mainly made of guided visits to museums and monuments, the emphasis is naturally placed on the Renaissance.

Here are two one week courses already structured for groups, you can click on the titles to see the detailed day by day schedules:
- BOTTEGA FIORENTINA, centered on Renaissance techniques that students can experiment and apply in the laboratory and then recognize during the guided visits to museums and monuments,

- RINASCIMENTO FIORENTINO, an Art History course that includes guided tours to the main monuments and art masterpieces that have characterized the Florentine Renaissance.

Activities that can be organized in the afternoon
- Guided visits at: the city center, the Uffizi Museum, the Accademia Museum (David), the Boboli Garden or Fiesole; 
- One guided excursion to Pisa or Siena.
- Other activities can be organized in the afternoon, on request: Cooking Courses, excursions to the Chianti Region, leisure activities

Prices for a one week program
3 art laboratories + 3 guided visits + one excursion to Siena or Pisa + 1 cooking lesson

5/11 students     -       305 € per student
12/19 students    -      275 € per student
20/29 students    -      245 € per student
30 or more          -      215 € per student

Prices include: courses fees, museum tickets, train tickets, books, tests, exams and certificates. Every 12 students we offer courses free of charge for one accompanying teacher. 

Groups normally stay in hostels, hotels or Italian families with half board. One place in a double room in a family with breakfast and dinner for 6 nights costs Euro 230. Hotel or Hostel prices on request. 

Transfer service
We organize Transfer Services on request from the Florence Airport or Railway Station to accommodations for 20 euro per person.

Budgets for customized programs
For a detailed budget we need the following data:
- Date and duration of the trip
- Number of students and accompanying teachers
- Type of course you wish to attend in the morning
- The language in which the course must be held
- Type of activity for the afternoon
- Type of accommodation required
- If you need a transfer from the airport or train station to accommodations, we need to know all the arrival data

Courses for groups

Weeks 5-11 students
12-19 studenti
30 o più studenti
1 305.00 € 245.00 € 215.00 €
2 610.00 € 450.00 € 430.00 €

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