The course takes place at an important Architecture and Interior Desgin studio in Florence, where students can work on real projects in close contact with professionists in the field.
Through research, development of ideas, design of spaces and furnishings, the Architecture course will provide students with the knowledge necessary to work independently in the Architecture field.
Theoretical and practical lessons are combined to provide students with a 360-degree knowledge of the subject. Studens do not need to have pre-requisites to participate in the course, but the classes are made of a limited number of participants, so as to allow everyone to be followed adequately.

The course can be attended for a minimum of one month.
Starting dates for short courses and six-months course: first week of each month (except January, August, December).
Starting dates for Academic and Master courses: first session on the second week of September / second session on the second week of January.

Before applying for the Architecture and Interior Design courses, it is necessary to inquire about their availability in the period of attendance chosen.

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Weeks pro
4 1912.00€ 2643.00€
8 3206.00€ 3881.00€
12 4106.00€ 5118.00€
30 8775.00€ 11193.00€
60 16863.00€ 20238.00€

The aim is to learn to use the language made up of shapes, materials and spaces, typical of Architecture. Through various exercises on the structure of the composition, students will come to create an architecture that manifests the relationship connecting people to the space that surround them.
The lessons will initially focus on the basic characteristics of the composition and then move on to analyze shapes, volumes, constructing and decorative materials and natural and artificial lights.
All this through design exercises based on assigned projects, which will allow students to verify what they have studied in class.
The lessons will be supported by out of class lectures, in the city or in sites that have been selected specifically to analyze examples of historical architecture and their structure.

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