Inside the Baptistery, on the façade of the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore or inside and outside the church of San Miniato al Monte, you can admire magnificent examples of mosaic decoration. The direct contact with the great ancient works is essential to be able to fully understand this form of art and to draw inspiration for your own work. This is why taking a Mosaic course in Florence is an important experience for all those who want to approach this discipline. The course will provide the technical basics for creating a mosaic with different materials. Students will learn how to design a mosaic, choose which materials to use and how to cut and apply the tiles.

Courses start every Monday, and lessons are held in the afternoon: Monday to Friday from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.

This course is available in two types:
-Basic course (6 hours per week)
-Semi-intensive (10 hours per week)

The minimum enrollment is 2 weeks.

The  teacher  speaks Italian and English.

This course is subject to availability, please contact the school via e-mial before sending your application.

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It is possible to book private lessons.


Starting dates: every Monday

Weeks basic
2 320.00€ 440.00€
3 420.00€ 575.00€
4 495.00€ 680.00€
5 575.00€ 800.00€
6 650.00€ 920.00€
7 755.00€ 1080.00€
8 855.00€ 1240.00€
9 960.00€ 1375.00€
10 1060.00€ 1505.00€
11 1160.00€ 1645.00€
12 1260.00€ 1780.00€
13 1360.00€ 1935.00€
14 1460.00€ 2090.00€
15 1625.00€ 2280.00€
16 1790.00€ 2470.00€
17 1830.00€ 2580.00€
18 1865.00€ 2680.00€
19 2055.00€ 2885.00€
20 2240.00€ 3090.00€
21 2255.00€ 3175.00€
22 2270.00€ 3260.00€
23 2480.00€ 3480.00€
24 2690.00€ 3700.00€

Mosaic is an ancient technique, used by artists for the decoration of walls, floors, interiors and exteriors, as it is well preserved over time and resists to atmospheric agents.

During the Mosaic Course, different techniques will be introduced, focusing on the expressive skills of the various types of mosaic and on the use of colour and different materials. Students will learn to copy images using small ceramic stones, and those who already are more experienced, can also use those of enamel or marble for the creation of their original works. 

To create a good mosaic it is necessary to study it in all its aspects: shadow and light, movement, the copy from reality, the use of warm and cold colours, relief, depth, perspective. All these aspects will be addressed during the course. 

First the fundamental basics will be introduced, such as the project of a mosaic, the preparation of the base, the cutting techniques of the different materials (tiles, ceramics, enamel, marble), the realization of direct and indirect method mosaic and the various laying techniques, and then students will start experimenting and developing their own style. 

The advanced student can decorate furniture and objects, make decorated tiles for the garden, decorate vases, frames, boxes and much more. 

The minimum enrollment is 2 weeks. The program may go through possible changes based on the degree of preparation acquired by the student previously.


- History of the mosaic
- Study of the techniques of realization of a mosaic
- Creation of a copied sketch or own design
- Cutting techniques of different materials (tiles, ceramic, enamel and / or marble)
- Realization of the mosaic with direct method and / or indirect method on temporary lime
- Laying techniques
- Expressive techniques of the color with tiles, ceramics, enamel and marble

Materials are not included in the price and their cost will depend on the size of the mosaic that the student wants to make. At school can be found wooden boards of various sizes and the tesserae of various materials  for creating the mosaic.

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