Art History in Italian online

Learn Italian with art!
The art history course in Italian is also suitable for those who are now starting to study our language, since lessons are held in simple Italian that can also be understood by foreign students.
Each lesson deals with a different theme and the program is very dynamic and is renewed every month.

Lessons last 2 hours and are held twice a week with a fixed schedule:
Tuesday and Thursday 18.00 - 20.00 CET

It is possible to book single lessons.

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Art History in Italian online

几节课 Group course, twice a week
2 90.00€
3 110.00€
4 130.00€
5 150.00€
6 170.00€
7 190.00€
8 210.00€




Tuesday 1 December: Metaphysical painting in Italy: Giorgio De Chirico and the birth of a Movement


Thursday 3 December: Modern forms with an ancient solemnity: sculpture from Arturo Martini to Alberto Giacometti


Thursday 10 December: Neorealism and Informal: Renato Guttuso and Emilio Vedova's experiences in post-war Italian painting


Tuesday 15 December: From Space to Matter: Lucio Fontana, Paolo Scheggi, Antonio Burri and Piero Manzoni


Thursday 17 December: Still life from Pompeii to Caravaggio (to not forget the legacy of the ancients)


Tuesday 22 December: The Rococo style in Turin and Venice: between Architecture and Painting (to discover the new face of two great cities)

Tuesday 29 December: Sculpture in Italy between 1700 and 1800: from Canova to Vela (to admire the “beautiful” and the “real”)




Monday, 4 January: Leonardo and Science (to read Art looking at science)


Tuesday, 5 January: Sculpture in motion - from Donatello to Bernini (to find a breath of life in Art)


Tuesday, 12 January: Medieval Florence, from Mosaic to Fresco (to understand how the art language changes)


Thursday, 14 January: Masaccio and the beginning of modern painting (to discover a great young artist)


Tuesday, 19 January: Two architects compared, Brunelleschi and Michelangelo (to enter the spaces of art)


Thursday, 21 January: The history of a great friendship, Sandro Botticelli, Filippo and Filippino Lippi (to discover that art is also complicity)


Tuesday 26 January: Raphael, a painter loved by the Medici family (to remember the Medici’s great passions)


Thursday, 28 January: War, myth and love - Paolo Uccello, Piero della Francesca, Sandro Botticelli, Caravaggio and Rubens (to reflect on the grat themes of art)




Tuesday, 2 February: Mannerism, the extravagant painting style in Italy (to discover a Renaissance movement)


Thursday, 4 February: Caravaggio and his influence on the Dutch painting (to understand how one learns how to travel)


Tuesday, 9 February: Architecture between Renaissance and Baroque, from Palladio to Borromini (to understand the imaginative evolutions)


Thursday, 11 February: Baroque painting in Italy - Bologna, Rome and Naples (to travel with art)


Tuesday, 16 February: Still life in Pompei and Caravaggio (to not forget the Antiques’ legacy)


Thursday, 18 February: Rococò style in Torino and Venezia, from architecture to painting (to discover the new face of two great cities)


Tuesday, 23 February: Sculpture in Italy from the XVII and XVIII century, from Canova to Vela (to admire the “beautiful” and the “real”)


Thursday, 25 February: Tuscany and the “Macchiaioli” painters (to discover “macchia” painting)




Tuesday, 2 March: Female painting in Italy, chapter 1 - From the Renaissance to the 18th century! (to follow the path of women in art)


Thursday, 4 March: Female painting in Italy chapter 2 - Between 1800 and 1900!


Tuesday, 9 March: Caffè le Giubbe Rosse in Florence - the history of the Futurists from Paris to Italy (to discover the power of new ideas)


Thursday, 11 March: The “cursed” painter Amedeo Modigliani between Livorno and Paris (to learn about the life of a special artist)


Tuesday, 16 March: The “metaphysic” painting in Italy - Giorgio De Chirico and the birth of a movement (1912-20)


Thursday, 18 March: The modern forms of antique solemnity - sculpture from Arturo Martini and Alberto Giacometti.


Tuesday 23 March: Neorealism and informal art - The experiences of Renato Guttuso and Emilio Vedova in the Italian Post-war painting.


Thursday 25 March: From space to matter - Lucio Fontana, Paolo Scheggi, Antonio Burri, Piero Manzoni



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