Tutankhamon experience in Florence

It was November 27, 1922, when Howard Carter discovered the tomb - sealed and in perfect conditions - of Pharaoh Tutankhamun. Made pharaoh at 9 years old and died at 19, of Tutankhamun it is still unknown the cause of death, which is assumed to have occurred after a fall from a horse.


The exhibition entitled Tutankhamun: viaggio verso l’eternità (Journey to Eternity), hosted at the Galleria delle Carrozze of Palazzo Medici Riccardi, brings together over 100 official copies of the young pharaoh’s treasure, including the canopic jars, the statue of Anubis, the golden throne and the spectacular funeral mask known all over the world.

In addition to these exceptional reproductions, there are also unedited finds, such as the painted wooden sarcophagus of Padihorpakhered, from the deposits of the Egyptian Section of the National Archaeological Museum of Florence, and restored on the occasion of the exhibition. The intervention on the sarcophagus enhanced its pictorial decoration that had been preserved intact.

Since the original treasure from Tutankhamun's tomb is jealously kept within the Cairo Museum, the exhibition gives us the opportunity to admire the splendid objects created to accompany the pharaoh in the afterlife.


Furthermore, the particularity of this exhibition is the possibility to relive, through virtual reality, the moment of discovery of the tomb. You can pick up the objects to examine them closely, and visit also the excavation site outside the tomb, reconstructed as it was.

A truly unique experience, which will undoubtedly succeed in fascinating the visitor and bringing him closer to Egyptian culture.


The exhibition is open from Monday to Thursday 10am - 8pm; Friday and Saturday 10am - 8pm; Sunday 10am - 8pm. Last access one hour before closing.


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