Мастер в изобразительном искусстве

The Master in Visual Arts is a 2 semesters course (first semester from mid-September to mid-December and second semester from mid-January to the beginning of May).

The first semester lays the foundations for the development of the student’s personal language, starting from fundamental disciplines such as drawing, engraving, art history, aesthetics and iconography.

In the second semester students will begin to choose their own course of study according to their interests and to produce, in line with their personal style and aesthetic taste, the artworks that will be displayed at the end of the year exhibition.

During this individual journey, students are supported not only by teachers but also by artists and curators who will help them lacquire the technical skills and develop their own poetics.

In this second semester, in parallel with the creation of the works, students will also attend the Art Marketing course, which provides the necessary knowledge to become professional artists who are able to live of their work. Students will then learn how to select their own works for an exhibition and how to create a catalogue. It will remain in the hands of the students as a portfolio, an essential tool for the artists who want to make their work known.

The course, held in English, allows a limited number of students, who will be subsequently divided into small groups so that each one can be adequately followed by the teachers.

During the course, students will participate in numerous field trips: city tours, visits to exhibitions and the Venice Biennale, participation in gallery openings, meetings with artists and curators and much more.

At the end of the course students will receive a Certificate of Participation.

Scholarships are available, for more information click HERE

Мастер в изобразительном искусстве

Master Visual Arts
31 16500.00€

DATES 2024 - 2025 :

First semester: 16/09/2024 – 13/12/2024

Second semester: 13/01/2025 – 09/05/2025

Application deadline: 31/07/2024


Partial scholarships are available, which allow a 30% price reduction.

To apply for the scholarship you must send the following materials to the school:

- own CV

- a short letter of motivation

- a portfolio that includes 10 photos of your work

Subsequently the student will be contacted by the school for a skype interview, during which the outcome of the scholarship application will be communicated.

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