Art Lectures at Museo Novecento


If you are in Florence on February 8th and 22nd and you are interested in art, don't miss the two lectures at Museo Novecento, which are part of the second edition of "Black History Month Florence Festival". The lectures are moderated by the artist JUSTIN RANDOLPH THOMPSON.

On Feb. 8th at 5.30 pm there's going to be a talk by ENRICO RILEY (Rome Prize Fellow at the American Academy in Rome): THE ARTIST ENRICO RILEY TALKING ABOUT ART WITH JUSTIN RANDOLPH THOMPSON

The main focus of Riley’s research in Rome is based on Judeo-Christian elements involving persecuted individuals, where strong correlations can be drawn to the lived experiences of black bodies today. He is particularly interested in the Italian medieval and early renaissance masters, for in their work, details are deposited in places that still give substantial room for reinterpretation. EnricoRiley has been a resident of Rome since September as a Rome Prize Fellow at the American Academy in Rome and his work takes the form of ongoing paintings and drawings.

On February 22nd  at 5.30 pm the lecture will be held by SIMONE FRANGI (art critic and curator). The talk tries to reconstruct the genealogy and the theoretical underpinning of project “Orestiade italiana”, curated by HIM at XVI Quadriennnale of Rome, featuring the contributions of 22 italians artists and researchers. Shaped under the form of displayed exhibition of installations and editorial objects, a palimpsest of screenings and performances and a radio program, “Orestiade italiana” ventures into a project of analogue and choral “rewriting” of the main nuclei of Pier Paolo Pasolini’s Appunti per un’Orestiade africana (Notes Towards an African Orestes, 1970), from which it adopts the sketchy form, the theoretical junctions and the ambiguity of viewpoint. 


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