Fashion Design

The Fashion Design Course of the Leonardo da Vinci Academy of Florence is a basic course for whoever wishes to tackle fashion design in a practical way. Students will start off by drawing the human body, then they will be introduced to the representation techniques of the figurines on which they can develop the sketches of clothes. They will continue with the study of models, accessories, decoration techniques, visual communication of fashion and the fundamental concepts of fashion marketing. Students will learn the theory and the symbology of color (scales, contrast, harmony) and the use of pantones, colored pencils, watercolors, chalk pastels. They will also study fabrics, experimenting with the representation of the different types of material.

Eventually, based on the knowledge acquired, students will begin to create a collection, choosing and developing a theme.

Courses can be started every week and classes are held in the afternoon. The Intensive course is held Monday to Friday from 3pm to 7pm, while the schedule for the Basic and Semi-intensive courses varies for every student and will be communicated on the week before the starting of the course.

This course is available in two types:
-Basic (6 hours per week)
-Semi-intensive  (10 hours per week)

The minimum enrollment is 2 weeks.

All our teachers speak Italian and English.

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Fashion Design

Starting dates: every Monday

Weeks basic
2 410.00€ 560.00€
3 540.00€ 735.00€
4 630.00€ 875.00€
5 770.00€ 1070.00€
6 910.00€ 1260.00€
7 1040.00€ 1450.00€
8 1170.00€ 1630.00€
9 1310.00€ 1820.00€
10 1450.00€ 2020.00€
11 1590.00€ 2210.00€
12 1730.00€ 2400.00€
13 1870.00€ 2590.00€
14 2000.00€ 2780.00€
15 2140.00€ 2970.00€
16 2280.00€ 3160.00€
17 2400.00€ 3340.00€
18 2540.00€ 3520.00€
19 2670.00€ 3700.00€
20 2800.00€ 3890.00€
21 2930.00€ 4060.00€
22 3050.00€ 4250.00€
23 3180.00€ 4420.00€
24 3300.00€ 4590.00€


- Phase of creative research through magazines, newspapers, catalogues or pictures taken by the student around the city.
- Development of the theme through fashion sketches and illustrations.
- Data sheets with technical drawings.
- Study and creation of presentation pages of the collection.
- Collection presentation.

Art materials are not included in the course fees. The materials provided by the school will be exclusively the tissue paper for the realization of the paper patterns and the canvas for the sewing tests and the draping experiments. The students will have to buy for themselves fabrics for making garments, threads, trims, scissors and set squares.

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