Painting and Drawing

Painting usually starts from a drawing, which is why we offer a course that combines both disciplines, suitable for both beginners and more advanced students. During the Painting and Drawing course, students will try their hand at copying paintings or images of their choice, and will also have the opportunity to create original works. Students will also have the chance to learn how to draw a live model using graphite, charcoal and sanguine and to broaden their understanding of volumes in space, shapes and proportions.
Students that already have a good understanding of these drawing and painting techniques will be able to make their own customized program together the teacher.

Courses can be started every week and classes are held in the afternoon. The Intensive course is held Monday to Friday from 3pm to 7pm, while the schedule for the Basic and Semi-intensive courses varies for every student and will be communicated on the week before the starting of the course.

This course is available in three types:
-Basic (6 hours per week)
-Semi-intensive (10 hours per week)
-Intensive (20 hours per week)

The minimum enrollment is 2 weeks.

All our teachers speak Italian and English.
It is possible to book private lessons.

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Painting and Drawing

Starting dates: every Monday

Weeks basic
2 410.00€ 560.00€ 985.00€
3 540.00€ 735.00€ 1285.00€
4 630.00€ 875.00€ 1590.00€
5 770.00€ 1070.00€ 1950.00€
6 910.00€ 1260.00€ 2300.00€
7 1040.00€ 1450.00€ 2630.00€
8 1170.00€ 1630.00€ 2950.00€
9 1310.00€ 1820.00€ 3320.00€
10 1450.00€ 2020.00€ 3670.00€
11 1590.00€ 2210.00€ 4020.00€
12 1730.00€ 2400.00€ 4370.00€
13 1870.00€ 2590.00€ 4710.00€
14 2000.00€ 2780.00€ 5060.00€
15 2140.00€ 2970.00€ 5400.00€
16 2280.00€ 3160.00€ 5740.00€
17 2400.00€ 3340.00€ 6070.00€
18 2540.00€ 3520.00€ 6400.00€
19 2670.00€ 3700.00€ 6730.00€
20 2800.00€ 3890.00€ 7060.00€
21 2930.00€ 4060.00€ 7390.00€
22 3050.00€ 4250.00€ 7710.00€
23 3180.00€ 4420.00€ 8030.00€
24 3300.00€ 4590.00€ 8350.00€

The Painting and Drawing course is suitable both for those who are approaching the Art world for the first time and must therefore learn the basics to be able to work independently, and those who want to perfect their technique. 
The program of the course is very flexible and the student can choose a painting technique and to do up to a maximum of 8 hours of drawing per week.

The Painting course focuses on the teaching of oil painting, but at the moment of the enrollment the student can choose a different technique among the following: Ancient Techniques (egg tempera and gold leaf), Contemporary Techniques (acrylics and mixed technique). To attend the painting with contemporary techniques classes it is necessary to have a basic knowledge of painting and drawing. 

The drawing course consists of regular drawing classes or life drawing classes. The type of class may change based on the number of students and the number of available classes.
Drawing classes will focus on the representation of the human figure and its anatomy, volumes and chiaroscuro.
Life drawing involves the representation of the human figure or a still life. During this type of class, students will learn the chiaroscuro technique, essential for the work of every artist, and they will be able to use a variety of graphic media for sketching such as pens, charcoal, and pastels.

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