"Of all the other ways that painters do, painting on the wall is the most masterful and beautiful."

This is how Giorgio Vasari presents the fresco technique, considered among the most difficult since it does not allow second thoughts.

In Florence, great artists have created beautiful frescoes that can now be admired inside the Florentine churches, palaces and museums: Masaccio, Ghirlandaio, Frà Angelico, Vasari, Giotto and many others. The Fresco is an ancient technique that consists in applying the paint on a layer of fresh plaster, which by drying up merges the color. This way the painting is preserved for a long time as it becomes an integral part of the wall itself. During the course students will learn the technique following the rules dictated by the medieval and Renaissance tradition and will put it into practice through the execution of one or more paintings.

Courses can be started every week and classes are held in the afternoon. Schedules vary for every student and will be communicated on the week before the starting of the course.

This course is available in two types:
-Basic  (6 hours per week)
-Semi-intensive  (10 hours per week)

The minimum enrollment is 2 weeks.

All our teachers speak Italian and English.

This course is subject to availability, please contact the school via e-mail before sending your application.

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It is possible to book private lessons.


Starting dates: every Monday

Weeks basic
2 410.00€ 560.00€
3 540.00€ 735.00€
4 630.00€ 875.00€
5 770.00€ 1070.00€
6 910.00€ 1260.00€
7 1040.00€ 1450.00€
8 1170.00€ 1630.00€
9 1310.00€ 1820.00€
10 1450.00€ 2020.00€
11 1590.00€ 2210.00€
12 1730.00€ 2400.00€
13 1870.00€ 2590.00€
14 2000.00€ 2780.00€
15 2140.00€ 2970.00€
16 2280.00€ 3160.00€
17 2400.00€ 3340.00€
18 2540.00€ 3590.00€
19 2670.00€ 3700.00€
20 2800.00€ 3890.00€
21 2930.00€ 4060.00€
22 3050.00€ 4250.00€
23 3180.00€ 4420.00€
24 3300.00€ 4590.00€

Fresco is an ancient technique used by the great masters of the past, which has allowed their magnificent works to arrive intact to this day. The paint applied on a layer of fresh plaster, becomes part of the wall surface once dry and this makes the fresco an extremely durable type of painting. Students who attend the course of Fresco begin their work by preparing the preliminary sketches, afterwards the drawing will be transported on the support and they will start the painting by subdividing the work into “giornate” (days) to control the execution and make the necessary changes, which are very difficult once the plaster has dried.

- Introduction to Fresco painting
- Phases of the technique (from prehistory to the present day)
- Base preparation: rinzaffo, arriccio, intonaco, intonachino
- Copy of the sketch on the base
- Time distribution: “le giornate”
- Color preparation
- Fresco: “Buonfresco” technique according to Giotto and a comparison to the preceding methods
- Retouches on dry surface

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