One day Art Workshop Experience

If you are staying in Florence for a few days, surely you will want to visit the Florentine museums and admire the works of Donatello, Botticelli, Michelangelo and many others. Why not dedicate one morning to an art workshop where you can observe and try out the most important and fascinating techniques used by the great masters? The Leonardo da Vinci Art School offers, along with the normal courses, individual art workshops for just one morning, addressed to those who have little time available but would still like to experience an art workshop in the city of the Renaissance.

The teacher will explain the technique of your choice, will introduce the use of the necessary materials and tools and will guide you in the practical realization of a small work to take home.

It is possible to choose between the following  workshops: 

- Drawing
- Ancient Techniques (Egg Tempera and Gold leaf) 
- Fresco
- Painting Techniques (Acrylic or Watercolor Painting)
- Sculpture

The workshop lasts 3 hours, in the morning from 9.00 to 12.00 or from 10.00 to 13.00. The lessons must be booked at least two weeks in advance in order to confirm the availability and the advanced payment is required.

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Before sending the application and payment, it is necessary to inquire by email about the availability of the workshop in the chosen period.

One day Art Workshop Experience

Prices of the Private Lessons


DRAWING: participants can start from the basics of drawing or focus on a specific technique. It is possible to learn how to draw the human figure through volumes and chiaroscuro or reproduce a still life.

ANCIENT TECHNIQUES: students will do a little painting on a wooden board prepared for the egg tempera, and then they will learn how to apply a gold-leaf decoration to certain areas of the painting.

FRESCO: students will learn how to create a fresco painting, working on a layer of fresh intonaco (“giornata”). They will not work on a wall, as it is expected from this technique, but on a special polystyrene board that is light enough to be taken home.

PAINTING: students can learn how to paint with either acrylic colors or with oil colors, two very different types of paint, one that dries very fast, the other very slowly. In the case of oil painting, participants should be aware that the final work might not be completely dry in time to be carried home in a suitcase, and that it might get ruined if not packed carefully.

SCULPTURE: participants will learn how to make a little sculpture with clay. As the sculpture will still be fresh at the end of the workshop, it won’t be possible to take it home, but upon request it can be fired in the kiln after a couple of weeks and the student can arrange its shipping with a courier.

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