The aim of the Photography Course of the Leonardo da Vinci Academy of Florence is the technical control of the camera and the introduction into the world of photography in most of its forms, from architecture to portraits, from studio photography to reportage.
The approach to the photographic culture, the visual reading of images and the knowledge of some of the best photographers in the world, is the way to understand that life has many nuances and all depends on the perspective through which we see the world, as the vision of everything around us can be manipulated somehow by our creativity.

At the end of the course participants will be aware of the main technical basis for the production and processing of digital photographs, will be able to read critically the images and to develop their creative skills.

Classes are held in a photography studio and the teacher is a professional photographer.

The course is available in the Basic and Semi-intensive form. Classes for the Basic course are held twice a week. Classes for the Semi-intensive course are held  two or three times a week, always in the afternoon.

The course is suitable both for beginners and students of more advanced levels and the teacher speaks Italian, English, Spanish.
Students are required to bring their own DLSR camera.

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Starting dates: every Monday

Weeks basic
2 400.00€ 660.00€
3 590.00€ 990.00€
4 800.00€ 1330.00€
5 990.00€ 1660.00€
6 1190.00€ 1990.00€
7 1390.00€ 2320.00€
8 1590.00€ 2660.00€
9 1790.00€ 2990.00€
10 1990.00€ 3320.00€

-The Camera: light-meter, diaphragm, speed, depth of field, photographic lenses.
- Architecture: Fundamental principles, perspective, choice of the lenses, relation between the distances, frame, composition, point of resumption. 
- Reportage: to observe the ideal moment, to personify the narration, lens selection, research & development of a topic to photograph, outdoors practice on  the chosen topic. 
- People: frame, plans and angles of resumption, lenses, practice on portrait
-Photography in studio: lighting equipment, organization of a studio, temperature of the light, incident and reflected light, hard light and diffused light, light system.
- Still-life: setting up of a photographic set, composition, cromatism, outline of lighting system, reflecting products, practical lighting system, creation of a still life project. 
- Portrait: designing with light, psychological aspects of the subject, use of scenografic elements, ups and downs contrast on the subject, direct and reflected light, backlighting, control of the lighting system in a set.
Art materials are not included in the course fees. Students will have to pay for any extra, they request for their shootings, such as: models, make-up, hair-dresser, food or any other object needed for still-life photography that is not present at the studio.

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