Photography is not a tool that serves to recount reality but rather a means to reinvent reality, to render thoughts visible, to build visions. Just like artists, photographers is the ones who welcome new experiences and seek new answers, manipulate reality - often taken for granted so as to go unnoticed - and bend it to their thoughts, translating into visual language their interpretation of the world. As a language, the purpose of photography is to establish a contact with the possibilities of the present and to provide intersubjective cues, a series of ingredients to be reworked in a personal way. It is more complex to illustrate an abstract thought than a concrete fact, but it is also much more stimulating for both the creator and the viewer of the image.

Creative photographers reflect themselves into the world, and they mirror the world: thus, they manage to make the invisible visible and to leave traces of their gaze.

The purpose of this course, in addition to providing the technical foundations, is to develop an intellectual and stylistic approach to photography, to learn how to follow certain rules and at the same time to break them to create something personal and unique. So you learn how to capture colors with the red exercise, let yourself be surprised by what you know with the travel exercise, explore your dark side with the rejection exercise, dive deep inside yourself with the being and appearing excercize.

At the end of the course the participants will possess the main technical skills for the production and post-production of digital photographic images, especially within a complex and structured project, as well as a critic eye towards images and a creative and stylistic personal ability to express a photographic story.

The course is offered all year round (except August) in Basic and Semi-Intensive mode, with a minimum enrollment of two weeks. The lessons of the Basic course are held twice a week, while the lessons of the Semi-Intensive course are held three times a week.

Students are required to bring their own digital camera.

The course is suitable for both beginners and more advanced students and the teacher speaks Italian and English.

Click HERE to view the general program of the course (customizable according to the needs and level of the student).


Starting dates: every Monday

Weeks basic
2 400.00€ 660.00€
3 590.00€ 990.00€
4 800.00€ 1330.00€
5 990.00€ 1660.00€
6 1190.00€ 1990.00€
7 1390.00€ 2320.00€
8 1590.00€ 2660.00€
9 1790.00€ 2990.00€
10 1990.00€ 3320.00€

The program can be personalized according to the preferences of the student. The topics chosen can be the following:

-The Camera: light-meter, diaphragm, speed, depth of field, photographic lenses.
- Architecture: Fundamental principles, perspective, choice of the lenses, relation between the distances, frame, composition, point of resumption. 
- Reportage: to observe the ideal moment, to personify the narration, lens selection, research & development of a topic to photograph, outdoors practice on  the chosen topic. 
- People: frame, plans and angles of resumption, lenses, practice on portrait
- Still-life: setting up of a photographic set, composition, cromatism, outline of lighting system, reflecting products, practical lighting system, creation of a still life project. 
- Portrait: designing with light, psychological aspects of the subject, use of scenografic elements, ups and downs contrast on the subject, direct and reflected light, backlighting, control of the lighting system in a set.

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