Visual Arts

Florence is considered the city of arts, here are some of the most famous monuments and museums, many artists from all over the world are working here, here countless companies and workshops are dedicated to all forms of art and design. For this reason, a Course in Visual Arts in Florence is a particularly formative and unforgettable experience. The Visual Arts Course of the Leonardo da Vinci Academy of Florence proposes the study of a wide spectrum of teachings, encouraging the students to make connections between the different subjects, exploring new ideas in order to develop a personal language.

Students can customize the program selecting some of the following classes (2-3 courses at the same time): drawing, painting, sculpture, fresco, fashion design, printmaking, art history.

Courses start every Monday and lessons are held in the afternoon: Monday to Friday from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.

This course is available only in the Intensive type and the minimum enrollment is 4 weeks. 

All the teachers speak also English.

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Visual Arts

Starting dates: every Monday

Weeks intensive
2 985.00€
3 1285.00€
4 1590.00€
5 1950.00€
6 2300.00€
7 2630.00€
8 2950.00€
9 3320.00€
10 3670.00€
11 4020.00€
12 4370.00€
13 4710.00€
14 5060.00€
15 5400.00€
16 5740.00€
17 6070.00€
18 6400.00€
19 6730.00€
20 7060.00€
21 7390.00€
22 7710.00€
23 8030.00€
24 8350.00€

Students can customize the program of the course by choosing to attend some of the following classes:

DRAWING: classes of drawing ( representation of the human figure starting from volumes and anatomy and chiaroscuro) or life drawing (model or still life, chiaroscuro, drawing with pencil, charcoal and pastels).

PAINTING: oil painting, ancient techniques (egg tempera and gold leaf), contemporary techniques (acrylic and mixed technique).

SCULPTURE: clay sculpture or marble sculpture for those who have at least 4 weeks to dedicate to the study of this technique.

FRESCO: study of materials, creation of the drawing that will then be transported to the surface to be painted, “giornata” painting.

FASHION DESIGN: from figurine drawing to the creation of a collection.

PRINTMAKING: Aquatint, Etching and Drypoint. 

ART HISTORY: the Art from Giotto to the present day. The course is held in English only.

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