Visual Arts

The Visual Arts Course of the Leonardo da Vinci Art School of Florence is an intensive program that proposes the study of a wide spectrum of teachings, encouraging the students to make connections between the different subjects, exploring new ideas in order to develop a personal language. Students can customize the program selecting some of the following classes (2-3 courses at the same time): drawing, painting, sculpture, fresco, fashion design, printmaking, art history.

Courses start every Monday and lessons are held in the afternoon: Monday to Friday from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.

This course is available only in the Intensive type and the minimum enrollment is 4 weeks. 

All the teachers speak also English.

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Visual Arts

Starting dates: every Monday

Weeks intensive
2 985.00€
3 1285.00€
4 1590.00€
5 1950.00€
6 2300.00€
7 2630.00€
8 2950.00€
9 3320.00€
10 3670.00€
11 4020.00€
12 4370.00€
13 4710.00€
14 5060.00€
15 5400.00€
16 5740.00€
17 6070.00€
18 6400.00€
19 6730.00€
20 7060.00€
21 7390.00€
22 7710.00€
23 8030.00€
24 8350.00€

Students can customize the program of the course by choosing to attend some of the following classes:

DRAWING: classes of drawing ( representation of the human figure starting from volumes and anatomy and chiaroscuro) or life drawing (model or still life, chiaroscuro, drawing with pencil, charcoal and pastels).

PAINTING: oil painting, ancient techniques (egg tempera and gold leaf), contemporary techniques (acrylic and mixed technique).

SCULPTURE: clay sculpture or marble sculpture for those who have at least 4 weeks to dedicate to the study of this technique.

FRESCO: study of materials, creation of the drawing that will then be transported to the surface to be painted, “giornata” painting.

FASHION DESIGN: from figurine drawing to the creation of a collection.

PRINTMAKING: Aquatint, Etching and Drypoint. 

ART HISTORY: the Art from Giotto to the present day. The course is held in English only.

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