Preparatory Course for the Fine Arts Academy

 The Academy of Fine Arts of Florence, renowned throughout the world, is one of the first art academies in history, founded in 1563. It owes its prestige to the extraordinary contribution of great artists such as Michelangelo Buonarroti, Francesco da Sangallo, Agnolo Bronzino, Benvenuto Cellini, Giorgio Vasari, Bartolomeo Ammannati, Giambologna, Tiziano and Tintoretto.

To be admitted in the Academy, students must take a practical exam and an interview in Italian, about their artistic experiences and the History of Art. The exams for the Academy of Fine Arts usually take place between September and October.

The Accademia is divided into 3 departments (Visual Arts, Design and Applied Arts, Communication and Education for Art) composed of different schools, each one with a specific admission test: Painting, Decoration, Sculpture, Graphics.

On the website of the Accademia di Belle Arti fi Firenze it is possible to find the manifest of studies and information regarding the exam tests.

The personalized program for the preparatory course will be decided following an interview between student and teacher.

Preparatory Course for the Fine Arts Academy

Starting dates: every Monday

Weeks Customized - Interview request

Our course is structured so as to prepare the students, who are followed in the realization of their own portfolio, to face the admission tests with the adequate tools, giving them more change to eaccess the courses. 

The program is customized according to the needs and experience of each student, and can also include Italian language lessons in the morning for foreign students.

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