The school offers two options for enrolment:

Option 1  
Enroll on-line 

Click the link and fill in our on-line Registration Form

Option 2
Fill out Applicaton Form at the school secretary's office


You can pay the total course fees or only a not refundable deposit of 70 Euro as partial payment upon enrolment. In case you pay only a deposit of 70 Euro, the balance must be paid at the latest two weeks before the beginning of the course.

The money must be sent by one of the following options:

  • Bank Transfer (please ask for bank details to the email address info@arteleonardo.com)
  • PayPal/Credit Card .

Once received the payment, the school will send you an enrolment confirmation. If accommodation has been requested, confirmation of this will also be included.


* Only for Italian Language courses: in addition to the course fees, the student is asked to pay an extra annual Enrolment fee of 70 Euro

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