A guide to the swimming pools in Florence

Summer can be cruel in Florence for those who don't have the chance to get out of town for a few days, away from the torrid streets of the historical center. Temperature rise higher with each passing year, leaving the Florentines to melt away even in the shade. If you are unable to go to the seaside and can't stand the heat of the Tuscan capital any longer more, there are various public swimming pools in the city that can save your day.

Our first suggestion is the Costoli swimming pool in Piazza Berlinguer, very close to the Artemio Franchi Stadium.
It's Florence’s largest outdoor swimming pool, surrounded by a nice green area with plenty of shade, locker rooms where you can get changed and also leave the things you don't want to bring to the poolside and with a wide parking space outside.
The facility is equipped with a 50 mt pool, a shallow pool for kids and a 5 mt deep diving pool. Conquering the tallest diving board is not for the faint of heart, but if you feel dauntless enough, you will be able to dive from 10 meters high! Quite a jump!

How to get there: from Santa Maria Novella station take bus 17 towards "Verga 02", and get off at the "Mille 09" stop. Buses n.10 and 20 also stop nearby.

The other big pool in town is Bellariva, or Goffredo Nannini, on Lungarno Aldo Moro, close to the Arno river. The facility is equipped with a restaurant, an olimpionic 50 mt swimming pool and a pool for kids.
The spacious lawn outside is perfect to relax between dives and the atmosphere is very homely.
It's tricky to find a parking spot along the river, but on the upside it's very easy to reach the Bellariva facility by bus or bike.
How to get there: from Santa Maria Novella take bus 14 towards "Ripa" and get off at the "Aretina 02" stop.

Nestled inside the vast green area of the Cascine Park you will find the beautiful Pavoniere pool.
The ancient villa at the edge of the pool and the restaurant within, give this public facility a very sophisticated look.

Lying back in your recliner by the pool, imagine you are the rich client of a luxury hotel like in the movies, and enjoy your day! Or, your night…in fact, at night the Pavoniere pool transforms into a disco-pub, the exclusive location with the possibility of a night swim is obviously much appreciated by the Florentines.
How to get there: from Santa Maria Novella station, take the tram towards "Villa Costanza" and get off at the "Cascine" stop, or bus 17 towards "Verga 02" and get off at the "Kennedy" stop.

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