"GONG" by Eliseo Mattiacci at the Forte Belvedere

After Giuseppe Penone, Antony Gormley, Jan Fabre, and the Ytalia exhibition, this year is the turn of Gong, retrospective dedicated to Eliseo Mattiacci, one of the pioneers of Italian avant-garde of the 70’s, to occupy the battlements of the Forte Belvedere.
An exponent of Arte Povera who distinguisghed himself from the beginning for his original use of raw materials (metals, glass, sand, flexible tubing and magnets), Mattiacci made the constant search for equilibrium the foundation of his art.
Tension and precarious balance are often the focus of the artist's work, fascinated by the idea of invisible energy that connects and moves everything, man, earth, stars, planets and galaxies.
Mattiacci’s fascination with the astronomical space is very strong, he said it himself: "I feel attracted by the sky with its stars and planets and all that lies beyond, by our galaxies, it’s an imagination that goes beyond, as if it seeks challenging imagination itself, as if in a dream. I would like to launch one of my sculptures into orbit in outer space. It would truly be a magnificent dream to know that one of my spatial shapes is orbiting out there".
This astronomical inspiration produced also artworks on display now at the Forte Belvedere: twenty monumental steel sculptures made between the end of the 80s and today are exhibited outside the fort and inside the villa, along with an extensive collection of drawings, proof of the great value of Mattiacci’s graphic activity.
Among the sculptures we find the two totems “Verso il Cielo” (Towards Heaven), “Equilibri precari quasi impossibili” (Precarious, almost impossible Equilibria), "Gong" to which we owe the title of the exhibition, the 2013 inedit sculpture “Scultura che guarda” (Sculpture that looks) and the famous 60 meter long “Tube” of 1967.
Forte Belvedere becomes Mattiacci’s launch platform towards the space and infinity, inviting us visitors to join him on his journey.
First the Dawn of a Nation at Palazzo Strozzi and now this new exhibition. Looks like 2018 is a good year to get to know more about italian contemporary art.

Open: Tuesday to Sunday 11.00 - 20.00, closed on Monday Ticket: € 3

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