Feasts and Banquets at the Stibbert Museum


We have said it before; the Stibbert Museum is a very unique place to visit. It probably won’t make your top 5 list of places to see in Florence, but that’s just because you don’t know what you’re missing!
Once the home of possibly the most eccentric man in town, the Stibbert Museum houses the most remarkable collection, that includes a vast section dedicated to arms and armours, then costumes, furniture, paintings and much more. This year a new temporary exhibition, “Convivi e Banchetti” (Feasts and Banquets) will stray from the usual content of the museum to teach us the art of decorating the table, as it was from the Renaissance to the late XIX century.
A Renaissance dresser, where majolica were usually exhibited as a manifestation of the wealth of the landlords; a sumptuous Baroque table setting, with by the characteristic sugar sculptures and an elaborate decorative apparatus of fruits and plants; the historical reconstructions of an eighteenth-century French table setting and of two of the nineteenth-century, with porcelains, crystals and silverware, showing the visible changes occurred in custom and habits at mealtime. You will see all kinds of shiny, polished, decorated china sets and table decorations; including a famous plate set with gold and platinum decorations ordered by the Savoy at the Ginori Manufactory of Doccia, and the precious set of porcelains, crystals and silverware that really Frederick Stibbert actually used at his table.
A different exhibition than we are used to see, and for this reason unmissable.
So feast your eyes on the luxurious table settings of the past, but beware that you will do so at your won risk! This exhibition can have side effects: you may not be able to look at your beloved IKEA plate set in the same way again!

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