Street Art in Florence - Girls and Ram Skulls

The girl has a goat or ibex skull on her head, her eye makeup unmade (may be she was crying), She holds the end of a thread between her fingers that seems to support the goat's head. It is possible that the drawing, which is done on an adhesive sheet then stuck to the wall (like Sticker Art), is the transformation of a photograph.

The word THAUMA, repeated obsessively behind the drawing, comes from the Greek and means "wonder, amazement", but it was also used in the negative sense to indicate something that confuses us, disorients us, fascinates us, attracts us and at the same time terrifies us . It also meant "miracle". A feeling that Aristotle said was the basis of philosophy, because it stimulated man to think, to seek explanations and solutions.

The image below, smaller in size and almost certainly by the same author, reproduces the same subject and is repeated in many copies in various different places. A tribal symbol? A message to communicate? We do not risk interpretations. Florence, Via Sant 'Antonino, Sant'Egidio, and others.

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