Street Art in Florence - Tomorrow will be worse

This work belongs to a particular category of Street Art, close to Sticker Art. The image, certainly made with the help of a computer, is printed on adhesive paper then glued to the wall. The meaning is enigmatic and open to the most varied interpretations, the references, which certainly exist, are indecipherable for us.

The drawing, moreover signed, creates an optical effect: it looks like a face with mouth and lips, mustache and many eyes. But the mustache comes out of the mouth and might be something else (vomit? hair?), and the eyes are actually a crowd of unlit church wax lights. Around, in faded red ink, unknown if drawn by the same hand of the drawing, a threatening writing: tomorrow will be worse.

Might refer somehow to current events? The world upset by Covid-19? We don't know when it was made and glued to the wall. Let’s think about it, but it takes a lot of imagination! Florence, via Nuova de'  Caccini. 

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