Street Art in Florence - Our Monkey Relatives

The animals most loved by street artists in Florence are fish or sea creatures. In second place we certainly find monkeys, playful and festive or threatening and aggressive. But fish, despite the attempts to humanize them, are distant and different beings.The remarkable resemblance of monkeys to men makes them particularly loved and expressive.

Our artist, who signs himself 15 !, presents us apes (they seem more orangutans or gorillas, rather than magots) very serious and with a trapezoidal head. We give here two examples, certainly by the same author (the same signature): the same head shape, the tuft starting between the eyes and the flapping ears. The first, in via della Mattonaia, is vaguely angry and accompanied by the words "destroy and run!" (tips for thugs?).

The second, in via degli Alfani, has a blue face and seems to be about to fall asleep. It is positioned right in front of the never ending queue of tourists for the Academy Museum, the David museum. Maybe he's bored? Always the same chattering... . Florence, via della Mattonaia and via degli Alfani. 

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