Street Art in Florence - Mr Wany at Primary School

Mr WANY - Street Art in Florence, the city of art, where even the walls become canvases.

In October 2016, the City Council of Florence together with the District Councils decided to lift the ban on free Street Art and to promote "regulated" forms of it, recognizing the role of this creative form as a means of communication and divulgation of important thematics and therefore worthy of being supported. In 2017, 53 spaces were listed where everyone can paint freely and without control, an artistic operation for which there are new term: “subvertising”, sometimes “creative vandalization”.
Moreover, a policy of "art spaces" was inaugurated, that is, sponsored spaces, used by  well-known artists and destined to last. Artworks that are made in agreement with the Municipality of Florence and the neighborhoods, with the sole condition that they must deal with the issues of civil rights and equal opportunities, defending and promoting these values.

On Wednesday 12 December a mural by Mr Wany was inaugurated, created together with 30 students of Florentine schools of graphics, illustration and comics, on the wall of the Guglielmo Marconi Elementary School in Via Enrico Mayer. Mr Wany (Andrea Sergio, born in Brindisi in 1978) is now an internationally known author and has worked in every country in the world. Starting as a Graffiti writer and Street Art, he has been working for 30 years in the most diverse sectors: cartoons, comics, tattoos, art galleries, set design, screen printing and even music production and publishing. This is how his current style is defined: surrealist pop painting, graf-futurism, with influences from comics, tattoo, style writing, urban art and new muralism.

The work, decidedly of high figurative and chromatic quality, presents a harmonious set composed of a dented metal girl's head leaning on a portable radio bearing the school name, a transmitting antenna, a folding fan, vegetation growing among the objects, a flying beetle is approaching. Let's risk a very personal interpretation: the child is an object like any other, thrown away in a garbage dump. Let’s meditate! Florence, via Enrico Mayer.

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