Street Art in Florence - Two boxers: punching or hugging each other?

A new "authorized" mural of great quality in via Rocca Tedalda on a 6-storey building in the "case minime" of Rovezzano. This mural was commissioned to Basik and Run, two important Street Art artists, by Casa SPA, the company of the municipalities of the Florentine area that manages all the public housing, in collaboration with the Municipality of Florence and the Street Levels Gallery (a Florentine gallery, also a creative hub dedicated to Street Art). The artwork was created for the program of the Festival of Rights, a Festival of Tuscany celebrating the abolition of the death penalty. Tuscany was the first state in the world to abolish death penalty in 1786.

The two artists collaborated for the first time, overcoming the challenge of maintaining their individuality and creating a harmonious and impactful work.
Lucio "Basik" Bolognesi began in the 90s as a writer, he has exhibited in San Francisco, Los Angeles, London, Berlin and Milan. His style has gradually evolved from graffiti to figurative art with medieval and Renaissance elements, focusing with two colors on hand gestures, with their religious, symbolic but also daily communication meaning.
Giacomo Bufarini “Run”, who also started out as a writer, has long worked in London, but his works can now found all over the world. His style is different, Run uses many colors, his lines are always curved, soft and sinuous, his images are usually made of faces and human figures intertwined with each other, with grotesque features inspired by comics and poster graphics.

The subject of this mural had to be boxing, because nearby there is a boxing gym popular among the young people of the area,  and had to work as a metaphor to make people reflect about the themes of struggle, challenge, confrontation / clash, for rights, and make our life and society better. It is not clear if the two boxers hit each other or hug each other, the interpretation is free. It is up to you also to figure out which is the figure painted by Basik and which is the one by Run. Florence, via Rocca Tedalda.

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