Street Art in Florence - Green and blue insectoids

These artworks are located in a pedestrian underpass on Viale Lavagnini, a classic place for writers. The walls of underpasses are usually mainly covered with tags, but also with figurative works. This type of Street Art is sometimes defined as "creative vandalization", it is tolerated and some underpasses become museums of ephemeral art, as the writers overlap and erase each other, although there might be an ethics they follow, unknown to us.

These two works are almost certainly by the same author, on one there is the signature (something that could be read as crow). The subjects are partly similar. One with three eyes, grafted onto a green snake body, decidedly vicious and surrounded by luminescent globes, which could be jellyfish in a liquid. The other, blue and much more complex, is made up of several figures and has already somewhat deteriorated from the rain. The insectoid of the second composition, in the photo below, has an insect body and is facing two figures: a cat with three eyes and a bone in its mouth and a human with his head split open, which could be a victim of the cat. The figures in this case are surrounded by worm-like beings.

The works, very well made, have a strong impact. They required undoubted imagination and a great deal of creative, technical and preparation work. They can provoke different reactions: disgust, laughter, disapproval, amazement, indifference and other sensations. But the interpretation, as it often happens when dealing with Street Art, is completely free and personal, unless we have the authors explaining the kind of effect they intended to produce. Florence, Viale Spartaco Lavagnini.

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