Street Art in Florence - Dog in pink with horns

This is the first artwork we present of a series from viale Corsica, a street in the northern suburbs of Florence. The road ends at the railway and a very long wall is occupied by Street Art, a kind of open-air art gallery. Part of the area is fenced, it is a self-managed "dog area", someone takes care of it. A lot of paintings are tags, but there are a lot of figurative works, some of which very accurate.

The most frequent subjects can be defined as humanized animals, depicted as monsters, or in any case in a threatening and hostile attitude. A fairly common genre among writers. Often they are composite animals with characteristics drawn from various species, or imaginary.

The first one we present could be a dog, a bit reminiscent of Walt Disney's Peg-Leg-Pete, but it has yellow horns, a pink dress, perhaps black clogs and strange blades that sprout from the dress. The character is surrounded by a gray-blue halo perhaps made up of splashes, as if he suddenly emerged from the water. He looks back and the attitude suggests that he may be running away. As often in this type of figures, interpretation is completely free. Or maybe it has a reference that we ignore. However we have here unleashed imagination, effective realization, strong visual impact. A very good sketcher. Florence, Viale Corsica.

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