Street Art in Florence - Other insectoids with multiple eyes

Here we have other insectoids, similar to the ones we have already seen in previously. They could be by the same author, even if this is not supported by the signatures. The new ones are in two different parts of the city, very far from each other: in Piazza Leopoldo and on Ponte Giovanni da Verrazzano. The points in common are the green and blue colors, the multiple colored teardrop eyes, the rounded snouts, elongated tongues and more or less hooked protruding wattles. The structure of the "animal" on which the head is grafted is also different: a spider at Ponte da Verrazzano, a winged flying insect in Piazza Leopoldo, a snake and a grasshopper in Viale Lavagnini.

The Ponte da Verrazzano spider (cover photo) has three eyes and a huge yellow tongue reproducing three eyes, six legs like flies (not 8 like actual spiders), and a bluish body lost in a transparent shadow that reflects its legs. Here too, as with the figures in Viale Lavagnini, "drops" surround the figure, like splashes, giving the idea of  ​​liquid in motion.

The two similar figures in Piazza Leopoldo (photo below) have transparent fly wings, blue tongues, four eyes and a long segmented blue body similar to that of larvae, with atrophied legs.

Beyond the artistic intentions of the unknown artists, large or dangerous insects like scorpions cause fear and uneasiness in many, not to mention annoying mosquitoes. To most people all the insects cause repugnance and disgust. Why? Evolutionists explain that insects and mice are linked to the idea of a dirty and unhealthy environment, where disease and infection come from. Insects are also present in spoiled, rotten and putrefied foods, which are dangerous to health. So it's our brain that instinctively tells us: better to avoid them.

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