Street Art in Florence - a color explosion

Another large-scale work from the Varlungo Viaduct, which occupies an entire pylon of the bridge. The mural would appear to be a writing or an elaborated tag (a signature), a type of work that actually makes up the majority of graffiti and Street Art in general. Made with airbrushing and stencil techniques, many tags are extremely elaborate, creative, explosions of chromatic fantasy with often cryptic symbology for the uninitiated. Very different from each other, they constitute a separate world within Street Art. They have been extensively studied and divided into categories and styles: tag, wild style, graffiti-logo, throw-up, bombing, post-graffiti, etc.

This work attracted our attention with its pop colors and its nice geometry. At the center, it presents a very interesting figurative element: from the letters entangled together and not clearly decipherable, emerges a muzzle, with a mustache and a nose similar to that of a dog or a big cat. This strange animal has long claws, cube-shaped eyes, and a horse-like teeth that are disassebled in space, with the part of the lower jaw that detaches from the rest of the mouth. It appears to consist of elements, similar to children's toys, colored wooden cubes and other shapes that intersect with each other. Perhaps it takes very distantly the idea of ​​the decomposition of shapes in space dear to Cubism, and at the same time bright colors a la Keith Haring, creating a very fun and pleasant graphic effect.

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