Street Art in Florence - Japanese anime in Florence

Those who were children in the 90s will certainly remember the cartoon series called Dragon Ball, taken from the manga of the same name in 1884, by Akira Toriyama. These imagese painted under the Varlungo Viaduct are inspired by the protagonist of this manga, Son Goku. In the manga, just as in the anime, Goku is a child who studies martial arts and we see him grow to adulthood over the course of the story, as he fights the bad guys and explores the world in search of seven magical spheres capable of summoning a dragon that can fulfill any kind of wish.
In creating his story, Toriyama went against the steretypes that wanted the strongest characters to be the biggest, and starting with little Goku, he drew many small characters capable of enormous feats.
Here we see Goku in two versions. In one, he is dressed in his most classic orange attire, that like everything in the Toriyama manga, is inspired by China. In the other version, he is dressed in blue and he is preparing to use his special technique called Kamehameha (destructive wave of the turtle).

Japanese manga and anime characters have greatly influenced the imagination of the millennial generation, who grew up watching anime series or the movies by award-winning director and animator Hayao Miyazaki, founder of the famous Studio Ghibli.
It is therefore not surprising to see them represented on the walls of the city.  In the panorama of Street Art there really is room for everything, even for anime!

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