Street Art in Florence - Save the Planet, especially the sea

Here is a large and spectacular “fresco” from the Varlungo Viaduct, measuring at least 10 x 3 meters. The subject is clearly the sea with its creatures, the sea polluted by humans and their waste. Four large figures are presented swimming in their element: an octopus, a shark, a sea turtle and a giant crab. The octopus tries to throw out a garbage bag, the shark has another garbage bag full of plastic in its mouth that he will perhaps eat, the turtle has put on a surgical mask, while the crab tries to avoid a waste bin, perhaps chemicals or special waste ended up in the sea.


Other creatures swim in the distance: jellyfishes, fishes, another turtle. On the right, above the octopus, the wreck of a sunken ship. The crab and the shark are very well designed with a suggestive play of lights and shadows, created by the light bursting violently from above.

Above the images, an inscription: SAVE the PLANET. No need for comments.
The project is by 400 DROPS, a collective of artists whose signature can be seen in the second picture: Ninjaz, Mozzart, Ypsilon and Dr8ste. The peculiarity of this mural It's interactive! Just download the free app Artvive and frame the mural with your camera to admire its animation. A truly brillian idea.

Unfortunately, the fresco, made in 2020, is positioned in the lowest part of the viaduct, right in front of the river, with a very high humidity level. Not a very good environment for preserving its colors, but Street Art is not eternal, we know it, it’s one of its characteristics.

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