Street Art in Florence - Mr Wany, abandoned on the sidewalk

Another work by Andrea Sergio, known as Mr Wany, painted in 2017 on the wall of the Mazzoni Elementary School in via Enrico Mayer, as part of the program of the City Council of Florence to promote Street Art among the very young.
Unlike the previous one, The Metal Girl, this is a writer's arm holding a spray can, the tools of the trade. This too looks like metal, but the section at the elbow where the arm begins has an interior like crumpled newspapers, refined by a yellow and black butterfly. As with The Metal Girl, the arm also seems abandoned, thrown away, as if cut off and left in a pool of blood on a sidewalk. Perfect technique, lights and shadows, colors, perspective and relief. Perhaps it could be titled: Our art despised, like garbage. Free interpretations, as always. Florence via Mayer, Mazzoni School.

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