Street Art in Florence - Skim's fish, a threatening warning

The San Donato Park, on the northern outskirts of the city, also houses a large underground car park. Here, the Municipality of Florence in accord with the District Council 5, decided to have important and well-known writers paint high quality murals on the maintenance and aeration sheds. Two were inaugurated in 2020, one of which, by Skim, is particularly interesting.

Francesco Forconi, aka Skim, born in Scandicci in 1985, is now an established and known artist all over the world. In addition to graffiti, he deals with painting on canvas and sculpture, teaches the graffiti art in schools and collaborates with Associations of Disabled Children. His motto is “In colors we trust”.

In fact, his style is made of bright and aggressive colors that strike and surprise the viewer. His works are crowded with colorful objects, drawn from everyday life, stacked on top of each other. In his words: “My style is a harmonic chaos, I often create intricate stories in which the viewer can see what he wants. An example? The work in which I drew a boat in the sea, where in the midst of the multitude of subjects you can see a hand asking for help."

The San Donato mural, is a tropical fish swimming in the ocean. The color fades from yellow to red from bottom to top. Seen from afar, only a large colorful fish appears against the backdrop of the blue sea, but as you get closer, a crowd of objects hits the eye. The body of the fish is full or composed of waste thrown away by man. perhaps telling us that through the food chain, our bodies become made of our own waste. Boxes, bags, electric batteries, bottles, a washing machine and even a bomb. Fish bones and empty bottles float around in the water.

Global pollution, a sad truth that is now on the agenda. We must run for cover, and immediately. Skim's message is evident and very clear. The same as the other mural of the Varlungo Viaduct. Perhaps a message directed also to the children playing in the park.

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