Street Art in Florence - Peace, need for harmony and universal spirituality

By the writer Valera 2021, various works on the same subject. Two in Le Cure underpass, another on Ponte Giovanni da Verrazzano. The first of Le Cure represents a handshake between a blue and a yellow-brown hand. A symbol of peace and friendship. The subject of the second is a man, a holy man against a background of palm trees, a blue face, long black hair, closed eyes and a third eye open on the forehead. The eye of knowledge.

On Ponte Giovanni da Verrazzano we find the same face of the holy man reproduced 4 times, twice in blue and twice in yellow-brown. Among them a big symbol of peace, the world wheel with the N and D of the traffic light alphabet inside, the initials of Nuclear Disarmament. One of the blue faces has the Tao symbol of Yin Yang between its eyes and one of the brown faces a heart. All the faces are flecked with black, green and red lines, painted or tattooed. All the images are very large and the art work on Ponte Giovanni da Verrazzano is many meters long. A considerable work. Certainly there is a whole symbolism inside, but the message of peace and the need for universal harmony and spirituality is evident.

On each of the symbols there would be a lot to say, but we'll just spend a few words on the third eye of the face in the Cure underpass. In Hindu and Buddhist philosophy the third eye is connected to the sixth chakra (Ajna or central eye of Shiva), a center of energy in relation to intuition and vision. Its opening allows the perception of elements, thoughts, realities normally invisible and imperceptible. Inner worlds, spaces of higher consciousness and also clairvoyance.

It is not easy and there are many meditation and concentration exercises to correctly open the third eye and activate the supersensitive vision, thus increasing self-awareness.
Below the long fresco on the bridge in perspective and some details. Florence, Underpass Le Cure, Giovanni da Verrazzano Bridge. 

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