Street Art in Florence - Faces in Le Cure railway underpass

In Florence, one of the most important places dedicated to Street Art is the underpass of the Florence-Rome railway, which connects the center with Le Cure district. A kind of museum that is in continuous transformation, worth a visit for lovers of murals who come to Florence.

Of the vast exhibition of works present, at the moment – who knows if they will be there tomorrow- we find two works of great quality, likely by different authors. They are two portraits: a girl with beautiful blue eyes and a pouting child. The girl is sad, a tear as blue as her eyes falls, the child looks really angry and about to throw a tantrum. The style of the two works is decidedly very different.

The girl's face is painted in bright, saturated colors, with a cold undertone. Her skin seems shiny, or transparent, and like a mirror it reflects the buildings around her. The beautiful features of her, the pop colors, the hair draped around her face: it’s one of the most interesting female portraits, present today on the walls of Florence.
Unfortunately it is painted in a narrow place of the underpass that allows only a close frontal view, it would be nice to be able to see it as a whole from a distance.

The child, on the other hand, is represented with realism, with a natural complexion, the features marked by a strong play of shadows, and he too, has piercing blue eyes. Despite this, the visual impact of this work is certainly minor compared to the girl's brightly colored portrait.

Surely they are works that demand to be looked at, as they directly return our gaze, or perhaps, it is we who return theirs.

Details of the weeping the girl.

The pouting boy.

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