Street Art in Florence - A mural against incivility

Summer 2019. Antella, an ancient village of 3000 inhabitants a few kilometers from Florence. A middle school named after Francesco Redi (1626 -1697), Tuscan scientist considered the founder of experimental biology. One morning the town wakes up to find the walls of this school vandalized, smeared with vulgar drawings and writings, a real act of incivility that is a shock for everyone.

But the school community, the principal, teachers, pupils, parents, institutions and associations in town react. On the first day of school, September 16, at the end of the lessons, children, teachers and parents, all gather in the school gardens to clean up the school and repaint the walls. Then they have a big party.

At the same time Skim, famous Florentine writer, creates a large mural on an external wall of the school, bringing art on the walls instead of disfiguring writings.
Skim, Francesco Forconi, born in Scandicci in 1985, is an artist well-known for his strong social commitment, who has a particular relationship with the school world. He teaches the art of graffiti in schools and collaborates with associations for disabled children. He has made many works in the Florence area. The Blue Fish of the San Donato Park, A wall for Sofia and Rari non Invisibili in Scandicci, the Wall in the Renai di Signa Park and many others.
Like all of his works, this too is full of bright and vibrant colors, it's crowded with disparate objects, has a cheerful and reassuring atmosphere. As in all Skim's works, in addition to the signature, the phrase: In color we trust.
Antella (Florence), via di Belmonte.

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