Street Art in Florence - Stay tuned!

From the Cure underpass, we see another work that we could call Stay Tuned! A snake-king with a crown suddenly emerges from the wall and throws himself at an apparently unsuspecting mouse.


The burning eyes are the signature of the author, Ninjaz, very active in Florence, part of the 400DROPS collective. He recently started experimenting with optical graffiti and this snake could be one of the first experiments projected towards this technique.

We have already seen several works by this artist, including the elephant on the Varlungo Viaduct, his first optical graffiti work, the recently restored fresco in honor of Lorenzo Orsetti, and many others.

The large red writing "STAY TUNED!", perhaps waiting for other works? Or is there a deeper message? As always when it comes to street art, there are more questions than answers. But that's okay!

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