Street Art in Florence - A misterious collaboration

This time it is difficult to guess the meaning of this work. Against a starry sky and galactic clouds, the composition seems to develop from right to left with three figures. The first is an alien, clearly the owner of the flying saucer from which a strange character with big shiny eyes and pointed ears comes out, staring intently at the third character. This looks like an ogre, green like Shrek, and he puts his hands to his face as if embarrassed, or flattered. A strange expression on him, difficult to decipher.

In Street Art galleries, like this one in the Cure underpass, proximity does not necessarily mean that the works are part of a story, of a single vision. In this case, however, it would seem a collaboration of two authors: MOZ (right figures) and Ninjaz (left figure). Both recognizable not only by their signature but also by their style. The figures of MOZ are often characterized by huge staring eyes that reflect light, while those of Ninjaz have unmistakable forward-curved ears.

This collaboration seems to be working well.

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