Street Art in Florence - A self-portrait

This fun work from the Cure Underpass seems to be a self-portrait. The pencil brandished nervously and the tongue tightened between the lips, like when one busy doing something that requires precision and attention and tenses up, just like this writer at work drawing.

The mural is very large, the colors bright. The plasticity, depth and thickness of the volumes are rendered very well, the artist is not an amateur. The work fills all the available on space on the wall to impose itself on the observer's attention.


It can be considered a caricature because it follows its rules. The features are distorted, exaggerated and very characterized: the hooked nose, the protruding ears, the thick eyebrows and the long thin legs. Very amusing is the representation of a third eye, alert and focused on those who pass by, like the one writers must develop in order not to be "caught" by the authorities while working on their works.

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