The Museum of Illusions in Florence

The concept of the Museum of Illusions was born in 2015 in Zagreb, Croatia, and was then exported to various cities around the world, also arriving in Italy, first in Milan then in Florence and Rome.
The museum has opened inside Palazzo Tornaquinci Della Stufa, a historic building, in via Borgo Albizi, 29, and offers a permanent exhibition that mixes art, science, physics and optics.
A museum itinerary made up of optical rooms, plays of light and mirrors, riddles and objects with which to challenge your brain and mysterious works of art.
For Florence, a city devoted to ancient art and accustomed to a more classic idea of a museum, it is a new experience, which has already been greatly appreciated by the public, especially by children and teenagers.

Difficult to describe in detail what you will find inside the museum because it is rather something to see with your own eyes. It is an interactive museum that must be lived and experienced.
Nothing here is as it seems. It is a place that leads us to question reality as we see and perceive it, which makes us understand how easy it is to deceive our senses, so much so that sometimes it is necessary to find optical tricks through the lenses of the camera. In fact, visitors can take pictures inside the museum, indeed, they are invited to do so! This is an integral part of the museum's activity.
Definitely a stop to add to your itinerary to discover Florence, which offers an educational experience that is different from the usual.

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