The art of pottery comes to us from the most ancient times, with it mankind has managed to create artifacts thanks to his manual skill and his practical intelligence, succeeding in dominating the matter and using the movement of wheel. In modern times this discilpline keeps unchanged all his charm, finding application in design and sculpture.
The knowledge of the art of pottery permits you to develop the many possibilities that clay, movement and your fantasy mixed together can give. The course aims to convey the basics that will allow the student to develop later independently the work at the pottery wheel.

Classes are Monday to Friday, from 9.00 - 13.00 / 14.00 - 17.00, students can choose how many hours to do and at what time, in accordance with the school.
It is necessary to enroll at least 2 weeks in advance in order to secure a spot in the class.

Classes are held in Italian or English.

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Since the number of students for the Pottery course is limited, before sending an application it is necessary to inquire about the availability of the course in the period of choice.


Weeks 2 hours per week
3 hours per week
4 hours per week
5 hours per week
6 hours per week
7 hours per week
8 hours per week
9 hours per week
10 hours per week
11 hours per week
12 hours per week
13 hours per week
14 hours per week
15 hours per week
1 40.00€ 60.00€ 80.00€ 100.00€ 120.00€ 140.00€ 160.00€ 180.00€ 200.00€ 220.00€ 240.00€ 260.00€ 280.00€ 300.00€
2 80.00€ 120.00€ 160.00€ 200.00€ 240.00€ 280.00€ 320.00€ 360.00€ 400.00€ 440.00€ 480.00€ 520.00€ 560.00€ 600.00€
3 120.00€ 180.00€ 240.00€ 350.00€ 360.00€ 420.00€ 480.00€ 540.00€ 600.00€ 660.00€ 720.00€ 780.00€ 840.00€ 900.00€
4 160.00€ 240.00€ 320.00€ 480.00€ 480.00€ 560.00€ 640.00€ 720.00€ 800.00€ 880.00€ 960.00€ 1040.00€ 1120.00€ 1200.00€
5 200.00€ 300.00€ 400.00€ 500.00€ 600.00€ 700.00€ 800.00€ 900.00€ 1000.00€ - - - - -
6 240.00€ 360.00€ 480.00€ 600.00€ 720.00€ 840.00€ 960.00€ 1080.00€ 1200.00€ - - - - -

The Pottery and Ceramic course takes place in a workshop nearby the school, where students are given the chance to learn an ancient form of craft. The course provides them with the necessary skills to work with clay using the pottery wheel as well as hand paint their creations.
For this kind of work, the control of the movements and of the force applied to the matter are essential. So first, the students learn how to handle the clay (for example they will learn to move the clay to its center of gravity so it can keep its balance for the whole shaping process) and how to use the tools necessary to work with it on the pottery wheel.
Afterwards they will shape their creations and apply the finishing touches such as details, handles and decorations.
It is also possible to focus only on the decorating techniques by working on ceramic items already made.
The school is equipped with a kiln that students can use to fire their works, paying a small extra fee that vary depending on the size of the artifact.
For this course, upfront payment of the entire tuition fee is required at the moment of the enrolment.

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