Cooking Classes - Italian Cuisine

Italy is well known for its artistic and natural beauties, for its art and culture. As cuisine is considered part of the culture and somehow an art form, you should absolutely get to know also our famous cuisine and gastronomy in order to really experience the Italian culture.
Between an art and an Italian lesson, give yourself a pleasant and relaxing moment with the most exquisite dishes of our cuisine!
A cuisine full of recipes and regional variations, artistic, creative, genuine, healthy and full of surprises! A lesson guided by an expert chef in Florence, in the heart of Tuscany, a territory famous for its recipes and products, is an unique experience not to be missed!
The school offers single group lessons, some run weekly all year round, others only from April until November.
Participants will receive at school the necessary equipment for the lessons.
We organize also customized programs for groups, information and quotations on request.

Lessons are activated with a minimum of 2 participants, so it is necessary to inquire about the availability of the lessons in the period of choice.

The updated calendar and prices of the lessons will be communicated via e-mail upon request.

Cooking Classes - Italian Cuisine

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PIZZA AND GELATO: You will learn how to prepare pizza, by knowing the various types of flour, the dosage of the ingredients, how to handle the pasta and the products used for the seasoning and its combinations. In addition, the chefs will reveal to you the secrets of the artisan production of ice creams and sorbets, using only good quality ingredients!
Duration of the lesson: 3 hours. 

HOME MADE PASTA: Pasta is the Italian dish par excellence, you can cook it wherever you are with a few simple ingredients! In this lesson you will learn the techniques and secrets of the ancient Italian tradition of handmade pasta, with egg and various types of flour. You will learn the technique of rolling out the dough by hand with a rolling pin and with the machine. During the lesson we will prepare three different types of pasta and finally, a typical Italian dessert.
Duration of the lesson: 3 hours. 

4-COURSE DINNER: the traditional Italian menu, which consists of appetizer, first course, second course and dessert, is the one prepared in the family on Sundays or on special occasions. This lesson is a unique opportunity to get closer to the true Italian tradition. A complete experience, followed by tasting the dishes prepared.
Duration of the lesson: 4 hours. 

GOURMET LUNCH and GOURMET DINNER: The 4-hour gourmet cooking lessons, involve a more elaborate menu than the one of the 4-Course Dinner lesson, but will still allow you to prepare and eat typical Italian dishes. The lesson is activated with a minimum of 2 participants.

Those who wish to attend a more advanced level lesson and specialize in a particular type of dishes, can book 1 to 4 lessons, of the duration of 2 hours each.

FRESH PASTA: made with water and flour (different types of flour) or egg and potatoes. You will learn how to dose the dough, cut it and cook it. During the course we will prepare 3 types of fresh pasta, manual or machine-cut.

TUSCAN CUISINE: lesson dedicated to the traditions of our region, we will prepare the most famous typical recipes: soups, appetizers and desserts.

MEAT: the lesson is dedicated to the preparation of white and red meat. Starting from the different cutting techniques, you will get to the elaboration of 2 or more seconds typical dishes of the Italian tradition, cooking in the pan and in the oven.

FISH: the lesson involves the selection and preparation of various types of sea and freshwater fish and seafood, with the aim of learning the typical recipes of the Mediterranean tradition.

BASIC PASTRY: is dedicated to those who love desserts and want to learn the basics necessary for their realization, such as puff pastry, creams, pastries, biscuits and cakes.

BASIC ICE CREAM: a basic lesson to illustrate the techniques needed to make different flavors of ice cream and personalized recipes. The lesson includes a theoretical and a practice part.

PIZZA and GELATO: preparation of pizza and focaccia, from pasta to filling, through the use of leavening machines and the baking. We will make: pizza, bread, breadsticks and focaccia.

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