XII edition of the Florence Biennale at the Fortezza da Basso


Every two years Florence promotes the talents of contemporary art though the Florence Biennale, opening this year on October 18th.The exhibition, in its XII edition, will be accompanied as always by a rich program of events such as conferences, exhibitions and performances.Over 470 artists and 200 designers will be present,...

Natalia Goncharova and the Advant-garde at palazzo Strozzi


A year after Marina Abramovich, another woman becomes protagonist at Palazzo Strozzi: Natalia Goncharova, one of the main representatives of the Russian avant-garde, and first female artist to be established internationally. Versatile and talented woman, Natalia was a painter, costume designer, illustrator, graphic designer, scenographer, decorator, stylist, film actress and...

Caterina de Medici, a Florentine woman at the court of France


Daughter of Lorenzo di Piero de Medici, Duke of Urbino, and nephew of Pope Leone X, Caterina de Medici could have only be destined for great things. Although she remained an orphan after her birth in 1519 and was placed in a convent at the age of eight; thanks to...

La Botanica di Leonardo in Florence


During the summer, strange structures appeared in Florentine squares: a dodecahedron in piazza della Signoria containing a mulberry tree, a hexahedron (or cube) in piazza Bambini di Beslan, a tetrahedron in Piazza Stazione and an icosahedron in Piazza Santa Maria Novella. They are part of the exhibition that has opened...

Photography and sculpture at Forte Belvedere: Massimo Listi and Davide Rivalta


Until October 20th, Forte Belvedere hosts two important Italian artists: Massimo Listri, with the exhibition A perfect day, and Davide Rivalta, with My land, in a project conceived by Sergio Risaliti, promoted by the Municipality of Florence and organized by Mus.e.   Massimo Listri, known worldwide for the conceptual and...

Shooting stars and the night of San Lorenzo


Everybody, point your eyes at the sky, the night of San Lorenzo is coming! A night, that of August 10, in which astronomy and religion intertwine, linked to a phenomenon that has fascinated mankind since ancient times. ANCIENT TIMES AND CHRISTIAN TRADITION The first observation of the Perseids dates back...

Contemporary art in Florence: Museo Novecento


It is wonderful to stroll down the streets of the historic center of Florence and enjoying the city from every point of view, but during the summer months, being able to bear the stifling heat that grips the Tuscan capital can be difficult. Fortunately, many are the museums where to...

Day Trip from Florence: Fiesole


Fiesole is the perfect destination for a day trip from Florence, easily reached from the city center by bus or car. The city was formed in the Hellenistic age (late 4th - early 3rd century BC), and became a typical Roman city towards the second half of the 1st century....

Ancient Florence: Badia Fiorentina


With Brunelleschi’s Dome, Giotto's bell tower and the tower of Palazzo Vecchio to reign supreme in the Florentine skyline, the beautiful bell tower of the Badia Fiorentina often goes unnoticed, although clearly visible next to the tower of the Bargello museum. It indicates the position of one of the oldest...

Coffee: moka or espresso?


Coffee is consumed in large quantities all over the world, but it is a known fact that Italians particularly love it, so much so that they have made its preparation into an art. This drink arrived from the East in Italy, more precisely in Venice, around 1570. Initially, very few...

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