The Laurentian Library


Built in a cloister of the Basilica of San Lorenzo there is one of Florence’s invaluable treasures: The Medici Laurentian Library.
The complex was designed by Michelangelo Buonarroti in 1519 for the cardinal Giulio de Medici, who later became Pope Clement VII. Michelangelo supervised the works in person until...

Jean de Boulogne: a Flemish in Florence


Trades between Florence and the Flanders began in the 15th century. Many Florentine families commissioned works to Flemish that once arrived here in Florence, greatly influenced local artists. In addition to the works, many artists from Flanders also arrved, many of whom were involved in the Medicean Tapestry Manufactory founded...

Michelangelo's David


What do we know about the story of the creation of Michelangelo’s David, one of the world’s greatest masterpieces?
As one could expect it all started with a piece of stone. A huge 5-meter-high block of marble stone that other artists had already attempted to sculpt before, giving up...

Keith Haring, Paolo Buggiani and the origin of Street Art


The Street Art has arrived to Florence. The exhibition currently on view at Palazzo Medici Riccardi “MADE IN NEW YORK. KEITH HARING, Paolo Buggiani and co. The true origin of Street Art” will remain open until February the 6th showing how this contemporary form of art, thanks to its immediacy,...

The Japanese Renaissance at the Uffizi


“The Japanese Renaissance. Nature in painted screens from the XV to the XVII centuriey” the exhibition dedicated to Japanese art that inaugurated at the Uffizi on the 3rd of October will go on until January the 7th.
The display consists of folding screens and sliding doors, coming from temples...

The story of Ginevra degli Almieri


To celebrate Halloween, today we will tell you a nightmarish story, that will have you biting your nails with dread. It is a real story although different versions exist, and it takes place in the medieval Florence in the year 1396.

You have to picture the city back in those...

Utopie Radicali at Palazzo Strozzi


The spaces of the Strozzina in Palazzo Strozzi will host a new exhibition until January 21: “Radical Utopies. Beyond architecture”.
On display 320 artworks by Archizoom, Remo Buti, 9999, Gianni Pettena, Superstudio, UFO, Zziggurat and many others, that include design objects, clothing, jewelry, ceramics, photos, collages, models, videos, and...

On auction the Salvator Mundi by Leonardo


Big news from the art world! The “Salvator Mundi”, the last Leonardo Da Vinci painting still in the hands of a private collector, will be put up for auction on November 15. At the time of its discovery in 2010 the painting was defined the greatest artistic discovery of the...

Luoghi nascosti: La chiesa dei Santi Apostoli


One of the most ancient buildings in Florence is certainly the Church of Santi Apostoli. It faces Piazza del Limbo, so called because here once stood a cemetery for all those children that had died before they were baptized, who - as Dante described in the Divine Comedy - remained...

Autumn Flavour: Castagnaccio


Sadly summer has ended and once again it has left its place to Autumn, a season not everyone likes because it means the end of the warm sunny days and the arrival of grey skies and rain.
Someone, however, loves this bittersweet period that is particularly beautiful here in Tuscany,...

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