Santo Stefano al Ponte, a hidden church in Florence


One of the most well-hidden churches in all of Florence is probably Santo Stefano al Ponte. However, the name suggests where we can find it: in the small Piazza Santo Stefano, near Ponte Vecchio. Founded before 1116, the year in which the first documentations mention it, the church of Santo...

Florentine stories: Dante's rock


At the time of Dante, Piazza del Duomo was very different from how we know it today. There was the Baptistery but there was no Basilica of Santa Maria del Fiore, which was built starting in 1296 on the foundations of the ancient church of Santa Reparata. Furthermore, on the...

The Biancone is shining bright again


The Fontana del Nettuno was finally inaugurated after a two-year restoration, generously funded by the Ferragamo fashion house. In 1559 Cosimo I de Medici announced a competition to design the first public fountain in Florence, which thanks to the construction of a new aqueduct would bring water to the city...

What I saw on the road - Kiki Smith in Florence


Drawings, sculptures and highly refined jacquard cotton tapestries constitute Kiki Smith's exhibition at Palazzo Pitti. The German artist, whose work has always been animated by a strong feminism and social commitment, now reflects on the universe, on female and animal nature, in a series of works that have a dreamlike...

Verrocchio, Master of Leonardo arrives at Palazzo Strozzi


Palazzo Strozzi is hosting a new exhibition from March 9th to July 14th, this time we strand from contemporary art for a while and go back to Renaissance times: 'Verrocchio, Master of Leonardo' celebrates Andrea del Verrocchio, in the first retrospective ever devoted to the Florentine artist. This means that...

Female Perspectives at Palazzo Pitti


'Female Perspectives. Women of Talent and Commitment' is the new exhibition open from March 7 to May 26 at Palazzo Pitti, to celebrate Women's Day, which tells the thousand facets of the female universe between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The exhibition moves the steps from the National Unity, a...

Antony Gormley is back: ESSERE at the Uffizi Gallery


If you happen to walk by Piazza della Signoria these days and in looking up you see a man on the Uffizi terrace, above the Loggia dei Lanzi: do not panic. It is not someone on the verge of suicide, it is only a sculpture by Antony Gormley, part of...

Carnevale desserts: Cenci


During Carnevale each of us should let go and have fun, no more diets, but rather, it is time to indulge in more sweets! That's why there are so many pastry preparations related to this period. In particular, a dessert everpresent at carnival in Tuscany, are "cenci" (rags), sweet fried...

Baci: the chocholates of lovers


Here in Italy they are a big hit, even almost 100 years after their creation. We mostly give them as presents for Saint Valentine’s day, but also on Mother’s Day and a variety of other occasions. In fact, we love them so much, that we eat them all year round....

Medici Chapels: the Chapel of the Princes


The Medici Chapels complex is part of the Basilica of San Lorenzo and includes the New Sacristy designed by Michelangelo in 1519, and the grandiose Chapel of the Princes built in the seventeenth century. Hard to decide which space is the most beautiful, the first emblem of formal purity, the...

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