Bansky in Florence


We don't know much about the real identity of the artist whose exibition inaugurated yesterday at Palazzo Medici Riccardi, except that he started his activity as a street artist in Bristol around 1990 and he goes under the name of Bansky. Rings a bell?
Someone has speculated he is...

Ospedale degli Innocenti


In Piazza Santissima Annunziata, the atmosphere is almost always very quiet, tourists tend to stay away from this part of the historic center, preferring the area of the nearby Academy of Fine Arts or the Duomo. It is precisely the scarce presence of people that gives this wide Florentine square...

The troubled past of Ponte Vecchio


Not much is known about the origin one of the most famous in Italy and oldest bridge in Florence: Ponte Vecchio (“Old Bridge”).
It was rebuilt several times during its long history, but we don’t know exactly when it was built, only that the Romans at some point decided...

Recipes of the tradition: Schiacciata con l'uva


Tuscany is beautiful this time of the year, the summer heat has finally been replaced by cool, mostly sunny days; the leaves slowly start to change color; the city is not so busy anymore and the warm, hearthy dishes tipycal of Tuscan cousine are back on the tables. Furthermore, the...

The Cleaner - Marina Abramovic at Palazzo Strozzi


The highly anticipated Marina Abramovic – The Cleaner exhibition inauguarted today at Palazzo Strozzi and will be open to visitors until January 20th.
There are several reasons because this is an event that you should not miss.
For starters, it is not only the first big retrospective dedicated...

Recipes of the tradition: Torta della Nonna


We must admit that Tuscan cuisine is not renowned for its desserts, but the few that are part of the tradition are really special and delicious. One of them is the famous Torta della Nonna (Grandma’s Cake), everpresent on the tables of the Florentines.
With a name such as...

Looking for the unnoticed: Palazzo Pitti


Palazzo Pitti is certainly the largest palace in Florence, now home to priceless treasures, once home to the lords of the city, the Medici. We all know it as the residence of the Medici family, in fact, but its name reveals its true origins.
Luca Pitti, the archenemy of...

The pyramid of the Cascine Park


Between a dive in the Pavoniere swimming pool and a stroll at the Cascine Park, a very peculiar structure might have caught your eye, looking quite out of place along the avenue: a pyramid. That’s right.
What on earth is a pyramid doing in Florence, you may ask. Well,...

August: Chiuso per Ferie


Being on visit in Florence in August has its downsides. You will find yourselves walking the almost deserted city streets looking for a bar, restaurant or grocery shop that does not show the sign "chiuso per ferie" (closed for the holidays).
That’s because most of the Florentines - the...

The fountains of Florence


Summer in Florence is unforgiving, and this year we are having a particularly nasty one. You will need to drink lots of water to keep hydrated while visiting the city, especially in order to survive the long lines outside the museums under the scorching sun! You don’t have to worry...

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