The Odeon Cinema and its history


If you moved here from abroad, or you are a cinephile who prefer to watch movies in their original language, there is one place in Florence that you can turn to for a movie night, The Odeon Cinema in Piazza Strozzi. This historic cinema located in the heart of Florence,...

The Rificolona


Again this year, the Rificolona festival will brighten the day of September 7th for many children, who will have fun building a colorful lantern and parading it through the city streets, while the more mischievous ones will arm themselves with blowguns to try and hit the delicate paper creations. This...

ORSANMICHELE: between history and legend


Once upon a time in Florence, lived a Young man called Michele who dedicated his life to his work and to charity works he did around the neighborhood, he had such a good heart that people had started to call him “San Michele”. He owned a stable and horses and...

The lions of Florence


You might have noticed that lions are everywhere in Florence. Have you wondered why? They are guarding Palazzo Vecchio and the Loggia de Lanzi, they are on the weathervane on top of the Arnolfo Tower, they are represented in coat of arms, in paintings, and even the bases of lamplights...

The lapis lazuli protagonist at the Silver Museum


Precious, rare and beautiful, the lapis lazuli has always been a favourite among the artists for representing the sky and the sea in their artworks and the exhibition "Lapis lazuli, Magic of the Blue" at the Silver Museum in Florence is dedicated to those objects of art made with this...

A guide to the swimming pools in Florence


August can be a cruel month in Florence for those who don't have the chance to get out of town for a few days, away from the torrid streets of the Tuscan capitol. This is usually the time for vacations here in Italy and if you are unable to go...

The Russian Orthodox Curch in Florence


A short walk from piazza della Libertà, on a street named after the first Medici Pope, Leone X (famous for having excommunicated Martin Luther in 1521), stands a beautiful and unexpected architectural gem. We're talking about the Russian Orthodox Church of the Nativity of Christ and Saint Nicholas, know to...

Llewelyn Lloyd and the colors of Tuscany


Surprising as it may seem given his Welsh name, the british-italian painter Llewelyn Lloyd was actually born in Livorno. He is the sole protagonist of the new exhibition at Villa Bardini, the perfect venue for his luminous and colorful paintings, that gathers together 62 works focused on his depiction of...

Glen Brown: Piaceri Sconosciuti


Florence has finally accepted and welcomed with open arms contemporary art and the recent exhibitions are proof of it. Just like "Piaceri Sconosciuti" (Unknown Pleasures) by contemporary artst Glen Brown, that opened last week at the Bardini Museum. The famous British artist, in the past has held exhibitions in London,...

Back to 1927 with Salvatore Ferragamo


To celebrate the 90th Anniversary of Salvatore Ferragamo’s return to Italy from America, the Salvatore Ferragamo Museum has put on another great exhibition, that merges fashion and art to transport us back to the 1927 Florence. Carlo Sisi curated the exhibition that opened in May, entitled “1927 - The Return...

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