Utopie Radicali at Palazzo Strozzi


The spaces of the Strozzina in Palazzo Strozzi will host a new exhibition until January 21: “Radical Utopies. Beyond architecture”. On display 320 artworks by Archizoom, Remo Buti, 9999, Gianni Pettena, Superstudio, UFO, Zziggurat and many others, that include design objects, clothing, jewelry, ceramics, photos, collages, models, videos, and installations....

On auction the Salvator Mundi by Leonardo


Big news from the art world! The “Salvator Mundi”, the last Leonardo Da Vinci painting still in the hands of a private collector, will be put up for auction on November 15. At the time of its discovery in 2010 the painting was defined the greatest artistic discovery of the...

Hidden places: Chiesa dei Santi Apostoli


One of the most ancient buildings in Florence is certainly the Church of Santi Apostoli. It faces Piazza del Limbo, so called because here once stood a cemetery for all those children that had died before they were baptized, who - as Dante described in the Divine Comedy - remained...

Autumn Flavour: Castagnaccio


Sadly summer has ended and once again it has left its place to Autumn, a season not everyone likes because it means the end of the warm sunny days and the arrival of grey skies and rain. Someone, however, loves this bittersweet period that is particularly beautiful here in Tuscany,...

Il 500 a Firenze


This week opened at Palazzo Strozzi the highly anticipated exhibition “Il Cinquecento a Firenze", third and last chapter of a cycle of exhibitions that started with Bronzino in 2010 and Pontormo and Rosso Fiorentino in 2014. While the previous two exhibitions focused on three of the most renowed masters active...

The Odeon Cinema and its history


If you moved here from abroad, or you are a cinephile who prefer to watch movies in their original language, there is one place in Florence that you can turn to for a movie night, The Odeon Cinema in Piazza Strozzi. This historic cinema located in the heart of Florence,...

The Rificolona


Again this year, the Rificolona festival will brighten the day of September 7th for many children, who will have fun building a colorful lantern and parading it through the city streets, while the more mischievous ones will arm themselves with blowguns to try and hit the delicate paper creations. This...

ORSANMICHELE: between history and legend


Once upon a time in Florence, lived a Young man called Michele who dedicated his life to his work and to charity works he did around the neighborhood, he had such a good heart that people had started to call him “San Michele”. He owned a stable and horses and...

The lions of Florence


You might have noticed that lions are everywhere in Florence. Have you wondered why? They are guarding Palazzo Vecchio and the Loggia de Lanzi, they are on the weathervane on top of the Arnolfo Tower, they are represented in coat of arms, in paintings, and even the bases of lamplights...

The lapis lazuli protagonist at the Silver Museum


Precious, rare and beautiful, the lapis lazuli has always been a favourite among the artists for representing the sky and the sea in their artworks and the exhibition "Lapis lazuli, Magic of the Blue" at the Silver Museum in Florence is dedicated to those objects of art made with this...

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